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Finding specific advice for design & renovation is difficult. I'm here to help you get your project moving with advice for YOUR project, along with fresh ideas 

and connections to local designers, contractors and architects so you can see your vision come to life! 

1 Hour In-Person Idea Session 
Free Online Follow-Ups

Idea Session Includes:

+ Quick Ideas & “napkin sketches”

+ Potential Problems & “Watch-Outs”

share with Contractors, Designers & Architects

+ Ways to Source Inspiration

+ Project Pointed in the Right Direction

+ Advice & Answers to Your Questions

+ Suggestions for Design Partners

local designers, contractors and architects

+ Help with Next Steps

See For Yourself:  Examples of Renovations using Your Architecture Friend's custom tailored advice

Who Is Your Architecture Friend?

Hi, I’m Ryan O'Connor, an experienced designer,  a Milwaukeean, a dad, and other  fun stuff. I'm trained in Architecture and I'm a passionate, experienced DIY’er.

I really want to help you get your project started with specific advice and ideas so you can bring your vision to life. 

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Not ready for an in-person idea session yet? 

It's OK, check out my blog for more free tips by me and guest experts. Please sign up to get the latest update as well- and a FREE gift   

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It's tough to get started...I know,  I've been there.

If you need more specific help, book an idea session now!

Each session is 1 hour for $60 with FREE online follow-ups.  

Other Questions? I'm here to help. 
Shoot me a note.

LOCATION: Greater Milwaukee


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