Where did the idea come from?

Over the last 15 years or so, I have been asked a variety of architecture/ renovation/ design related questions by friends and family.  They have asked me for advice to help them form ideas, brainstorm basement renovations, even make permit drawings and renderings  - which is one of my specialties.  After doing this a few times I decided I could try helping more than just my friends and family - so I created "Your Architecture Friend". 


As an added benefit, I think this format can help folks understand the process of design a little better.  By working with friends I heard the process of design can feel daunting, looks murky and varies widely.  This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and out of control; unable to see how a design project will look, what can be done, and where to even begin.  

I’m hoping my visit and 1 hour of time is enough to get you looking in the right direction and armed with some simple tools.

How does it work again?


Design problems come in all sizes. Some projects need more than a google search but are not large enough for an all-in design firm... yet. 


My solution offers you advice and ideas. I will shed some light onto the design process, offer ways to find inspiration, help you determine what questions to ask contractors and architects, and how to find the best design partner to take your project forward.


But mostly, I want to help you see what your ideas can be, and what can be expected… Plus,  just give you a good old boost of confidence and some welcome advice should you need it. 

I want to be your guide using simple, fast, design tools and drawings to kick-start your ideas...quickly. These tools and sketches are aimed at "idea-sharing" with a designer, contractor or architect for a better estimate. and just maybe give you something to hang in your office or... nightstand... cause your dreams are going to come true!


   Let's be Architecture Friends!  thanks for visiting. 

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LOCATION: Greater Milwaukee


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