The First Post

October 6, 2017

 Hi! Thanks for stopping.  I'm new to this whole blog thing (so bear with me)  but I think it's a good way to help people feel less daunted by the design process. Here is how I can help: 


1. You can book a 1 hour, in-person, session with me at your home or business for $60.  For this fee, I will offer advice, generate some ideas, answer questions, which will give you something to share with contractors or designers.  As part of the visit I'll give you a "next steps" for your project.   After the initial visit, I can help answer questions you may have via a call or email (think of it as customer service). 


2. If you don't have a specific project or you aren't ready for a visit just yet, you can follow this blog for free! I want to provide valuable information that may be common to lots of projects or help share problems, worries or questions that come up often from clients.  


 So... Here is how I see this format working.  (Note, this may change as I dig into this concept, but I'll be sure to let you know if it does) 



Each month I will focus on a theme that will matter to you.  I will feature insights and posts from me and guest experts from design, architecture, and construction.  


Here goes!  The first theme for November is:







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