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Where Inspiration Lives

Like I said in the last post - Inspiration is everywhere. And it really depends on what you are looking for and why you need it. I’m going to give you some examples of places I look for inspiration for specific projects (usually to show clients a visual of what I’m imagining) and some places that get me feeling inspired. Check out my last post where I try to describe how I see the difference between inspired and inspiration.


I hit up Pinterest to check for specifics using search terms. Recently I used this to search for front doors to fit with my 1910 Farmhouse in an urban setting, as well as, paint colors for the house and even lantern treatment for a wrap around porch. I was able to find tons of examples right away using some pretty specific search terms. I also just found out about a “search visually similar” feature now on Pinterest. This is a pretty amazing tool - you can drag a box to highlight a specific area of a picture to find more examples about that feature. See the images below to find this on your page!

I regularly check out Designboom and search the Interiors and Architecture categories. Designboom has new projects posted daily with mixed scopes from high-rise towers to small tiny homes. I tend to grab images from this website and save to my Pinterest or just download an image to a folder I have called “Inspiration Images” on my desktop.

Feeling Inspired:

I think I search out websites that inspire me generally more often than I look for a specific project as a source of “inspiration”. Here are some of my favorites which I like to keep as broad as possible. By casting a wide net I’m always inspired - from Disney Pixar movies to how to build a PC.

Desigboom - I love expanding my options here and some of my favorite inspiration comes from the “Art” and “Technology” sections. - very basic visual link list, but also very wide in its cast of the newest art, design, architecture, technology projects happening right now.

Pixar Movies- I watch a lot of these now with my 4 year old.

Paul’s Hardware - great resource for building computers but I also like his enthusiasm and down-to-earth-ness.

Adam Savage’s “Tested” on YouTube - Adam is tenacious. His passion is infectious and you can’t help but want to start making something… anything… ping-pong automatic gun? Space Suit? Or File Organizer (real, metal files…)

IDEO - not your average design/ marketing firm. I love their mission to solve huge global problems using design thinking.

If you notice my list above it’s diverse. It crosses several disciplines including design, technology and entertainment. I think this is important. 1. To give you reference to how others solve problems. I think you will find similar issues (how to get started, how to change course mid-stream, when to throw in the towel or pivot, etc.) within other fields and it can be very inspiring to see how another area of creativity solves the issue. 2. It could just be good fun. Sometimes as a good break from design work I like to watch a slow methodical assembly of a computer.

Last word- these are always changing. Some websites like Designboom or NotCot are fixtures in my inspiration arsenal, however their projects change daily. Other inspirations morph for me, and in the past I have been interested in This Old House, How I Built This with Guy Raz, and even podcasts on history & mysteries.

Now go forth and find your inspiration! Feel free to post your current inspiration source in the comments below.

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